Welcome to the ALIAS Events API

Learn about what the ALIAS Events API does and how it can help your company maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defined by the European Union.


The ALIAS Events API provides the means for companies to reduce the development, support, and documentation related costs associated with GDPR compliance.

This API provides a toolset for tracking the Personal Data under a companies control and helping them enforce compliance with tracking the use of the Personal Data as well as following associated retention and processing rules.

Who This API is For

The following types of users will be engaging with the functionality provided by this API.

Data Protection Officers

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a role prescribed by the GDPR.

Individuals in this role are in charge of updating documentation regarding how Personal Data is being used in an organization as well as responding to customer requests related to that data.

System Developers and IT Professionals

Developers and IT Professionals who are looking to create a “DevRegOps” approach for complying with regulations will integrate ALIAS APIs into their software and systems.

These users will initiate requests to the API from their applications that will update ALIAS in regards to what Personal Data they are storing and processing.

In addition, they will act on instructions provided by the API related to that Personal Data based on rules pertaining to the governance of a particular type of data.

How You Can Use This API

The ALIAS Events API facilitates companies maintaining their GDPR compliance so they can avoid fines and drains on their business productivity. ALIAS allows customers to answer the questions "what do I need to do now to ensure I am GDPR compliant?”

ALIAS supports this overarching goal in the following ways:

Facilitate Personal Data Retention Compliance

The API provides System Developer and IT Personnel users information to the company as to what customer Personal Data records they need to delete or archive because the duration they are allowed to retain such data has been exceeded based on how they obtained it and have been using it.

Provide Personal Data Processing Guidance

The API provides client applications with instructions regarding performing certain actions with Personal Data because its processing has been restricted at the request of the customer.

Keep Treatment Records Up-to-date

The API facilitates a DPOs ability to update their treatment records of processing activities based on these actions (see: https://gdpr-info.eu/art-30-gdpr/)

Facilitate Requests Related to Personal Data

The API facilitates a company's ability to respond appropriately to requests for a customer regarding their Personal Data (such retrieving it, updating, or deleting it), for which the company will need an accurate accounting of all the instances of the customer's Personal Data and where it resides in the company’s various systems.

Events API Capabilities

ALIAS is able to provide this support through its framework of managing the essential aspects of Personal Data:

Identifying the instances and types of Personal Data that a client company is in control of

  • Recording the details of the locations where those Personal Data instances are stored, regardless of storage medium
  • Recording when the Personal Data was collected and for what purpose
  • Maintaining a log of system events that constitute “processing” the Personal Data as defined by the GDPR
  • Sending instructions related to the processing and retention of particular instances of Personal Data